Starr Hill – Grateful

Grateful creates a fresh spin on the American Pale Ale tradition. A strong citrusy, resinous aroma from the hops leads into a light body with subtle malt flavor. Grateful is a sessionable brew at 4.7% abv.

Malted Barley: Two Row, Wheat & Caramel
Kettle Hops: Chinook, Centennial, Topaz & Cascade
Yeast: Ale Yeast

Breweries: Starr Hill.
Flavor Elements: Citric, Fruity, and Hoppy.
Beer Types: Pale Ale.
ABV: 4.7%
UBUs: 26
Citric: 4/5
Dry: 4/5
Heavy: 2/5
Sparkling: 4/5
Alcohol taste: 1/5
Bitter taste: 4/5
Salt taste: 2/5
Sweet taste: 2/5

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