Beer Camp – Family Values Imperial Brown Ale

Imperial Brown Ale with Cocoa

Family Values showcases the cooperation and kinship of Midwestern brewers. It features largely Midwestern-grown ingredients: Minnesota wild rice, Indiana honey, Missouri oats, Michigan hops, and cocoa nibs from Illinois as well as Sierra Nevada’s estate-grown malt. This is our centrally located collaboration celebrating the best of the Midwest.

  • Bittering hops: magnum.
  • Finishing hops: Michigan-grown Cascade
  • Malts: 2-row, Sierra Nevada Estate Malt, Munich, Chocolate
  • Other: Minnesota Wild Rice, Missouri Oats, Illinois Cocoa Nibs, Indiana Honey
Breweries: August Schell Brewing, Dark Horse, Half Acre Beer Company, Perennial Artisan Ales, Sierra Nevada, and Sun King Brewery.
Flavor Elements: roasted.
Beer Types: imperial brown ale.
ABV: 8.5%
Roasted: 4.8/5
Astringent: 1/5
Dry: 3.5/5
Heavy: 3/5
Sparkling: 2/5
Alcohol taste: 1.8/5
Bitter taste: 2/5

Imperial Mutt Brown Ale

Stone brewers Drew Neldon and Steve Via won this year’s annual in-house Stone Spotlight Series brewing competition with this hefty brown ale—an impressive result considering that one of them had never encountered a brown ale he liked before tasting this one. Given layers of flavor from Vienna, Victory and Chocolate Wheat Malts, and warming, refined sweetness from Honey Malt and turbinado sugar, it’s a rich and soothing beer brewed with respect to traditional English methods and New World innovation. The British-American bulldog of the craft beer world? Perhaps. Best in Show? Absolutely.

Breweries: Stone.
Beer Types: Brown Ale, Imperial, and imperial brown ale.
ABV: 9%
Lactic: 1.5/5
Roasted: 2.8/5
Astringent: 1/5
Dry: 3/5
Heavy: 3.5/5
Puckering: 1.5/5
Sparkling: 2/5
Alcohol taste: 1.3/5
Bitter taste: 2/5
Salt taste: 1/5