Atlas – Rowdy – Hop-Forward Rye Ale

Made with three varieties of hops and a generous amount of specialty malts, Rowdy offers a complex flavor and aroma that is both aggressive and fun. The addition of malted rye to the grain bill lends a peppery and distinct character to the beer which complements the bitterness and floral notes of brewhouse hop additions. Finally, this copper-hued ale receives a liberal addition of dry hops in the fermenting vessel, imparting citrus aromas and a crisp, clean finish.

Breweries: Atlas Brew Works.
Flavor Elements: Caramel.
Beer Types: Rye Ale.
ABV: 6.2%
UBUs: 61
Roasted: 3.5/5
Dry: 3/5
Heavy: 3/5
Sparkling: 3/5
Bitter taste: 3/5
Sweet taste: 2/5