Beer Camp – Stout of the Union – robust stout

This stout hails from the land of sun, sand, and surf and proves that beach beer doesn’t have to be light colored and delicate. Stout of the Union is rich, roasty and full of deep malt flavor, creating a union of like-minded brewers together through beer.

  • Bittering hops: magnum
  • Finishing hops: Equinox
  • Malts: Maris Otter, Munich, Oats, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Breweries: Bagby Beer Company, Beachwood Brewing, Port Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Smog City Brewing, Societe Brewing, and The lost Abbey.
Flavor Elements: Chocolate, Coffee, and roasted.
Beer Types: Robust stout and Stout.
ABV: 7.3%
Lactic: 1/5
Roasted: 5/5
Dry: 2.6/5
Heavy: 5/5
Sparkling: 2/5
Alcohol taste: 1/5
Bitter taste: 2/5
Sweet taste: 1.5/5

Starr Hill – Little Red Roostarr – Stout

Little Red RooStarr Coffee Stout is a full-bodied milk stout brewed with coffee from our friends at Red Rooster Coffee Roasters in Floyd, VA. Malt sweetness, chocolate and caramel notes dominate the flavor, while roasted coffee notes add balance and round out the aroma.

MALTED BARLEY: 2-Row, Carafa, Caramel & Wheat
KETTLE HOPS: Willamette
SPECIAL: French Roast & Sumatra Coffee Blend (Red Rooster Coffee Roasters)

Breweries: Starr Hill.
Flavor Elements: Coffee and roasted.
Beer Types: Stout.
ABV: 6%
UBUs: 19
Roasted: 5/5
Dry: 3/5
Heavy: 3.5/5
Sparkling: 2/5
Bitter taste: 2/5

Magic Hat – Winter Mingle – Stout with Vanilla

Cold weather parties call for beer
Winter Mingle is finally here.
A touch of vanilla oh so sweet
And notes of chocolate and coffee.

Ho, ho, ho! Vanilla Stout.
Oh, oh, oh! Wicked good throughout.
Cold weather parties, sip, sip, sip
Winter Mingle on drinkers’ lips

Malts: Pale, Caramel 80, Chocolate, Munich, Roasted Barley
Hops: Apollo, Goldings
Additions: Tahitian Vanilla

Breweries: Magic Hat.
Flavor Elements: Chocolate and Vanilla.
Beer Types: Stout.
ABV: 5.8%
UBUs: 30
Roasted: 5/5
Dry: 2/5
Heavy: 4/5
Sparkling: 2/5
Bitter taste: 2/5
Sweet taste: 2.5/5