Coronado – Orange Avenue Wit

This So-Cal take on a traditional witbier honors Coronado’s main street, which is home to our brewpub and was once lined with orange trees. Bolstered by orange zest, coriander and orange blossom honey, it’s Belgium by way of Coronado. Expect a refreshing, light-bodied brew rife with citrus zing and a hint of earthy spice.

Breweries: Coronado.
Flavor Elements: Orange.
Beer Types: Witbier.
ABV: 5.2%
Citric: 3/5
Roasted: 1/5
Dry: 3/5
Heavy: 2/5
Sparkling: 2/5
Bitter taste: 2/5
Sour taste: 2.5/5
Sweet taste: 1/5

Port City – Optimal Wit – Belgian-Style White Ale

When something is optimal it has everything it needs and nothing that it doesn’t. The optimal amount of spices, wheat and hops is found in our Optimal Wit. Brewed as a traditional Belgian style witbier, it is crisp and citrusy with layers of flavor that evolve in the glass. We brew this with Virginia grown wheat and use Spanish orange peels and coriander, which are traditional wit spices. Our unique twist is Grains of Paradise, which gives it a subtle peppery character on the finish.

Breweries: Port City.
Beer Types: Belgian-Style White and Witbier.
ABV: 4.9%
UBUs: 15
Citric: 1/5
Roasted: 2/5
Dry: 2/5
Heavy: 3/5
Sparkling: 3.5/5
Bitter taste: 1.5/5
Salt taste: 0.5/5
Sour taste: 2/5