Abita – Mardi Gras – Bock

Mardi Gras Bock (January – March) is the first of our seasonal brews. Abita Bock is brewed with pale, pilsner and caramel malts and German Perle hops. Our bock is similar to German maibocks with its rich malt flavor and full body. A perfect choice during Carnival season in New Orleans. Gruyére, Emmental and Swiss are nice cheese choices with Bock. Great with roasted beef or pork. Try it with Mexican food, too.


Breweries: Abita.
Flavor Elements: Malty.
Beer Types: bock.
ABV: 6.5%
UBUs: 25
Roasted: 2/5
Dry: 3.5/5
Heavy: 1/5
Sparkling: 3.8/5
Bitter taste: 2/5
Salt taste: 1/5
Sweet taste: 1/5

Lagunitas – Censored Ale

Originally called the Kronik, this beer was censored by the federal label-approving agency, the BATF — they claimed the word had some sort of Marijuana reference. We slapped a “Censored” sticker on it as a joke and they accepted it. Whatever.


Breweries: Lagunitas.
Flavor Elements: Malty.
Beer Types: Ale and Copper Ale.
ABV: 6.7%
Roasted: 1.5/5
Dry: 4/5
Heavy: 1/5
Sparkling: 3/5
Bitter taste: 3.8/5
Salt taste: 1/5

Störtebeker – Schwarz-bier

Dark and roasted malts give this beer its roasted taste and coffee and dark chocolate aromas.

Long cold fermentation with bottom fermenting yeast give this beer its mild carbonation and malty aroma.


Breweries: Störtebeker.
Flavor Elements: Chocolate and Malty.
Beer Types: Schwarz-bier.
ABV: 5.0%
Lactic: 2/5
Roasted: 3.5/5
Dry: 3.7/5
Heavy: 3/5
Sparkling: 4/5
Alcohol taste: 1/5
Bitter taste: 3.8/5
Salt taste: 2/5
Sweet taste: 2.3/5

Ommegang – Game of Thrones / Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale

Ommegang and HBO® announce the newest beer in the Game of Thrones® collaboration series. Through its first four seasons, the critically acclaimed drama has become the biggest show on HBO.

In the world of Westeros, Valar Morghulis means “all men must die.” Fans of the hit HBO show chose the foreboding phrase as the name of the newest beer in the Game of Thrones® collaboration between HBO and Brewery Ommegang. As part of a Facebook poll, fan voting determined the style and name of the next beer. An Abbey Dubbel was selected and it is perfectly represented by the “two- headed” coin given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H’ghar, one of the “Faceless Men of Braavos” – legendary assassins with the ability to change their appearances at will.


Breweries: Ommegang.
Flavor Elements: Malty.
Beer Types: Belgian-Style and Dubbel.
ABV: 8.0%
Lactic: 2/5
Roasted: 3/5
Astringent: 1/5
Dry: 3/5
Heavy: 3/5
Puckering: 2/5
Sparkling: 4/5
Alcohol taste: 3/5
Bitter taste: 3/5
Salt taste: 2/5
Sour taste: 3/5
Sweet taste: 1/5